Three lands, three cultures, three musicians.
TRÎLES, are the thrills, the trills and the three cultural islands where Ingried, Pia and Andrew originate (« trois îles » in French means three islands).
The fiery fusion of Danish, Scottish and Quebec traditions, old and new.
The contagious energy of folk dance and sweet caress of ballads.
The common history of three lands that shared so many waves of immigration.
The common path of three wandering musicians
                                                             …that were brought together by a fortunate fate.

Ingried Boussaroque (CAN)  voice, recorders, nay, kantele, mandolin, percussion
Pia Nygaard (DK)  voice, violin, bass violin
Andrew Mill (SCO)  voice, guitar, effects, percussion

The first chapter of Trîles’ adventure was written in Quebec, in January 2015. Ingried, Pia and Andrew were hosted for an artistic residence in two Montreal cultural centers. They created the first version of their concert, presented 12 shows all around Quebec and many dance and music workshops.

TRÎLES, will host
concerts (festivals, theatres, folk clubs, house concerts, music venues)
dance evenings (all dances explained and called)
dance workshops (danish, scottish ceilidh, quebec, and also medieval, gypsy, klezmer and Scandinavian)
music workshops (singing, fiddle, arrangement and accompaniment, rhythm, ensemble classes, etc.)


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